Step 3: Sign-up for Training : A Diversion Toolkit for Communities by the Restorative Justice Project
Step 1: Establish a Foundation
A. Youth Criminalization
B. People Harmed
C. Restorative Justice
D. Restorative Justice Diversion
E. The Evidence
F. Interactive Learning
Step 2: Build the Program
A. Program Fit
B. Community Held
C. Community Vision
D. Funding
E. Common Ground
F. Referring Cases
G. Receiving Cases
Step 3: Sign-up for Training
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Step 3: Sign-up for Training

Sign up for updates about trainings from Impact Justice's Restorative Justice Project.

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Congratulations on finishing the toolkit! You have the power to create the justice you would like to see in your community. The final step is signing up for updates about attending a Restorative Community Conferencing (RCC) training from the Restorative Justice Project.

More news about our National Training and Innovation Center for Restorative Justice Diversion is coming soon!

We strongly encourage folks to complete all steps of the toolkit before signing up for a training from us. It is essential that everyone attending an RCC training has completed the trainings laid out in Step 1F: Interactive Learning (implicit bias, circle, etc.) and held or facilitated circles before.

Unsure if you’re ready for a training? Contact us and ask! In the meantime, we encourage community-based organizations accessing this resource to complete as many of the steps of this toolkit as possible.

Below is the form where you can sign up to receive updates about future training opportunities and updates about this toolkit generally.